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Anoela Cards

Mother’s Day Card Making Workshop

We have such an excitement and passion about what we do and we’re constantly looking for ways to share the enthusiasm and communicate the importance of card-giving. So for Mother’s Day, we decided to conduct a card making workshop for some school kids – we thought it would be a fun activity for the children to make some cards themselves and also great for their mothers to receive them on Mother’s Day.

A week before Mother’s Day, some members of the Anoela Cards Team, set off to Nouveau Schools – a primary school in Victoria Island, Lagos, with art supplies, blank cards and a rough lesson plan in hand. This was the first time we had done anything like this and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would the kids even be interested in making cards? Was the activity fun and engaging enough? What if we came away with nothing productive?

SPOILER ALERT: We had an amazing time and the cards made, were literally the cutest things ever!

We got to the school and were told we would be holding not one but two workshops – one for the reception class of roughly 5-7 year olds and another for the older class of 10-11 year olds.

Starting with the younger class, we first of all had a practice run to get the kids warmed up. They were able to sketch their ideas and get into the swing of things before they were presented with their actual cards. It was such a relief to see the kids really get stuck in and be engaged with the activity.

Between ‘Can you help me draw a flower’, ‘I want to use the paint instead’ and ‘Excuse me, he’s copying my work’, we were able to produce some really adorable designs.

The cards were all paired with envelopes and professionally packaged in cellophane bags, to ensure that they made it in great condition for Mother’s Day.

The older class were of course easier to handle and we had some stunning results with the cards that were made, as well.

Overall, the workshops were a complete success and it was a really rewarding experience!

We’re looking forward to organising more workshops and fun activities that will engage our community, foster creativity and ultimately spread our message of giving.

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