About Us

“Hey you! Yes, you! You made it! To my site! Welcome…to the land of cards, built in a day, on a hill, by a young card connoisseur. Ideas etched and carved by awkward childhood experiences and art inspired by humanity’s mysterious whimsicality. Words fused in beautiful comedic unison to create a vast array of eye-catching and laughter-causing pieces of paper. Special paper. Feel-good paper. Laugh out loud-paper. I love you-paper. Hand-picked by a dedicated team which sits in circles, or maybe squares, or maybe zigzagged lines made of circles and squares, to put together the perfect collection so you can make someone’s day a little bit better. We believe in the gift of giving, card-giving, and how it connects people and impacts lives. We also believe in new homes, new babies, beard-lovers and wine-lovers! Give our cards to someone you love. Or someone you don’t, or perhaps a stranger. Either way, we’re happy to send your message, one card at a time.” – Anoela