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The TSS Affirmation Pack


Contents: 1 x  Pack with 10 Affirmation cards (blank on reverse side)

  1. I am more than enough
  2. My voice matters
  3. I am exactly where I need to be
  4. I deserve a seat at the table
  5. I was made  for purpose
  6. I am greater than my fears
  7. I  started running my own race…turns out I’m winning!
  8. I’m  pretty damn awesome
  9. I am A BOSS
  10. Life is tough but so am I


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We are excited to announce our first drop: A pack of 10 Affirmation cards to encourage, uplift and equip you ✍🏾💌💪🏾❤️
This pack can be bought for yourself, bought as a gift to a loved one or bought so individual cards can be given to different people as you see fit. The aim of this first pack is to inspire people as they experience the everyday motions of life. We hope this motivates and empowers you and your loved ones ✨

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Dimensions 11 × 11 cm


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